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Emotional Blueprint Iridology – NEW! Credit for 10 IIPA CEU Hours

The eye is truly the window to the soul. Emotional Blueprint Iridology takes the study of Iridology to a deeper level. Explore the emotional and energetic relationship behind health conditions and enter a world beyond physical Iridology.







Emotional Blueprint Iridology helps us to discover the source of our health problems and why health issues repeat themselves.

For instance, a person who has repeated bronchial problems may have an emotional block regarding an event that, at an earlier time in their life, created an emotion that was not released.

The information and chart provided in the course outline the emotional relationships to the body’s organs and the iris’s relationship to the energies in the body, revealing reasons for emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, etc. You can also see past and present emotional disharmony in the body including chakras being out of balance.

For example, a young person experiences the loss of a close family member.  The emotions may become blocked in the cellular memory of the physical body.  As time passes and the emotions are not released, it could create respiratory problems such as bronchitis or even pneumonia which would seem totally unrelated to a prior event.

If there was fear involved, then the person could be also experiencing bladder or kidney issues. Once the root or cause of the problem is discovered and there is a release of the block or emotion, the repeated pattern of respiratory or kidney problems often discontinues.

The Emotional Blueprint Iridology Course is available as a Correspondence Course or a Live Class.

Emotional Blueprint Iridology Correspondence Course

The Emotional Blueprint Iridology Correspondence Course comes complete with full color workbook, iris analysis chart and instructional video.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The Emotional Blueprint correspondence course fee is $349.000 plus shipping and taxes if applicable (Shipping fees are estimated before checkout)

Emotional Blueprint Iridology Live Classes include the workbook Iridology – An Emotional Blueprint from the correspondence course and an Emotional Blueprint Iridology iris chart as well as instructional videos.

International Students – if you live outside of Canada click here to ORDER and PAY for the Emotional Blueprint Correspondence Course.

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Click here for the Emotional Blueprint Iridology Correspondence Course Registration Form.

Once the payment and registration form are received, we will send you confirmation of receipt and the additional course materials – the Emotional Blueprint Iridology iris chart and instructional videos.

If you have questions regarding the Emotional Blueprint Iridology course please email iridologycourses@hotmail.com and we will be happy to answer them.

Emotional Blueprint Iridology Live Classes

Georgina Cyr and Jenny Suboski teach the Emotional Blueprint Iridology Live Classes in Port Alberni B.C. and Vancouver B.C. For Georgina’s Emotional Blueprint Iridology Live Class register by email at: iridologycourses@hotmail.com


Thank you so much Georgina, for this course.

It was truly an intuitive feeling when I found your Iridology Course online 4 years ago, and I am so happy I went for it.  
The knowledge that I received through you has changed my life and my clients life for the better. 
Thank you for being such a great teacher and for your help to fine tune my intuition:) 
I am invited as an Iridologist to a New York Local TV-Show in few months and I know already that I will give my thanks to you for my knowledge :)
Bless you  
Birgit Leuders

Live Classes students are asked to bring a Penlight (flashlight) and an 8 to10 X’s magnification loop (available at most Photo Centers)


The Emotional Blueprint Iridology live class is a two-day course. All of the information below is also available through the Emotional Blueprint Iridology correspondence course.

For those who have no previous Iridology Instruction, two additional hours of instruction will precede the live course for definitions and descriptions used in Emotional Blueprint Iridology.

Some of the Topics Covered in the Course:

  • What do the Eyes Reveal?
  • Color Emotionally
  • Collarette Signs
  • Influences
  • Indicators
  • Spiritual Pupils
  • How to perform and Analysis and examples of questions to ask
  • Color – Process – Influencers
  • How we Create Emotions
  • Introduction to Energetic Emotions
  • Terminology


Day 1 Emotional Blueprint Iridology

 9:30 am – 10:30 am Slide Presentation and Discussion of Emotional indicators by color and structure of the Iris.
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Slide Presentation and Discussion of Influencers as seen in the Iris and their effect on health and personality.
12:30 pm –  1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Instruction on how to use the Eye Chart. You will learn how to identify ages and/or events where emotions became “stuck,” or “blocked” and relate that to health challenges.
3:00 pm Break
3:30pm – 5:00 pm Learn the relationship of iris signs and chakras. Learn how to read the pupil. Discussion on how to ask questions regarding what you see. Slide review. Practice.

Day 2 Emotional Blueprint Iridology

 9:30 am– 11:00 am Review of Saturday’s material, questions answered. Practice with students.
11:00 am Lunch in class
11:30 am- 12:00 pm Volunteers for analysis start arriving (if it is a large class then we can use our own students) Live analysis & practice.
4:00pm -4:30pm Review of live analysis. Questions answered.


Emotional Blueprint Iridology FAQ

Eyes really are the windows to the soul… and more.

What do the eyes reveal?

Emotional Blueprint Iridology uses both the iris and the pupil to reveal the emotions that can be blocked within the body, or that could be causing actual health problems. In Emotional Blueprint Iridology, the iris has within it, the emotions involved in the physical body, the ages when emotions have created health problems, what each of the iris signs mean emotionally, which chakras are involved, and which areas of one’s health may be affected and how.

The Pupil Border in Emotional Blueprint Iridology shows the spine and how the vertebrae may be affected. Depending on the shape of the pupil, it will show what health tendencies there are with the body.

The center of the Pupil acts as a crystal ball, reflecting images, or a communication of the soul of the person being looked at. It is a very personal and deep experience, and the person being looked at always has complete control over what their pupils will allow to be seen.

It is an honor and a privilege to be allowed to look deeply into someone’s eyes, and respect for the client, in all aspects, is a must. Always be sure that the person performing an analysis for you is a certified Iridologist by an accrediting body, maintains membership in a regulatory association with a code of conduct, and has had adequate levels of training in the natural health field as well as in anatomy and physiology.

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