Iridology – What is it ? How can it Help?

        What is Iridology?

Iridology is the science and practice of eye analysis that reveals a person’s relative state of health.  It provides information on genetic weaknesses/strengths, inflammation, toxicity, and stresses which can all provide clues to health problems the person may be having.

Iridology does not identify and diagnose medical diseases; rather it shows the conditions in the body that can or will eventually lead to specific diseases.  In this way, Iridology can be of tremendous benefit in preventing disease before it manifests, utilizing the tools of nutrition and lifestyle to direct the body into a higher state of health.


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The consultation includes a full Iris Analysis, along with recommendations and a individualized Specialized Health Program.

Simply email two photos of your eyes whereby each eye fills the photo frame and we will perform the analysis and health program via Long Distance.


We offer several Iridology Correspondence Courses

Iridology Certification Correspondence Course

Emotional Blueprint Iridology Correspondence Course

Canine Feline Iridology Correspondence Course


Iridology Certification Courses – Live Classes

Our “in classroom” Iridology courses,  as well as the Iridology Correspondence Course, offer certification as an Iridologist by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA)

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by Instructors who are Certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association

Georgina Cyr holds “in classroom” Iridology Courses in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at Langara College, and on Vancouver Island. Georgina also has a practice In Port Alberni as an Iridologist and Natural Health consultant for clients.

Jenny Suboski has been helping people achieve their health-related goals for almost a decade, through many different modalities. Whether she is teaching Pilates, Yoga, or assessing the body’s energy levels, she is determined to help people heal in a simple, sustainable and natural way. A fervent believer in listening to our bodies to achieve better health, Iridology and ERT are obvious choices for this West coast gal. Jenny believes that these two systems blend beautifully together to help create a picture of what is going on in the body presently, what conditions we are predisposed to develop in the future, and natural (and fun) ways to help the body function at its maximum capability.


As Jenny continues to educate and certify herself in different areas of holistic health, she brings her own unique combination of warmth, compassion and enthusiasm to each session. She has a private practice as an Iridologist and Herbalist based out of Vancouver, B.C.


Jenny’s Iridology Instruction Testimonials


“I had taken two iridology courses before studying Emotional Iridology with Jenny in Vancouver.  I really enjoyed her teaching style.  She created a supportive environment for us and lead us through the course with clarity and generosity of information.  She was not only extremely knowledgeable but also empowering and so positive that I left the course feeling confident to get started.  I would not hesitate to study with her again.” Steph Jackson, Functional Nutrition Coach, North Vancouver BC


 Ean Langille holds Iridology Classes in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, as well as teaches Energy Reflex Testing classes.

Kianna Smith holds Iridology Classes at The Crossings Spa and Wellness Center in Austin, Texas, USA as well as teaches Iridology long distance through a mentoring format.

Sergio De La Garza speaks and writes Spanish and English.  He practices at Vitality Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sergio teaches Iridology in Spanish for both live “in classroom” courses as well as Iridology Certification via correspondence.

Georgina, Ean, Sergio and Kianna offer a variety of Health and Wellness Courses for you to discover!

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An Iridology Assessment

An Iridology assessment is an important first step in your natural health program.  It reveals potential genetic predispositions to weakness in the organs and systems of the body.  It gives new insight as to the stresses, toxicities, and potential imbalances that may have occurred in the past, are occuring in the present time, or may potentially occur in the future.

The next logical step in the process is determining the specific “Super Foods”, herbs (concentrated foods), and supplement that best suits the individual.  Extensive knowledge of these modalities is very important to make the difference in becoming radiantly healthy!

It is also important to identify the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that may be blocking your desired level of health from manifesting.  Iridology highlights personality characteristics and the potential “emotional loops” that keep replicating the past or the same experience in your life.

The Role of Iridology In Natural Health

There is an important distinction between a medical doctor and an Iridologist.  A doctor diagnoses and treats disease, and is the sole authority on what drugs or surgery may be required according to traditional medical practices.  The patient is essentially a passive participant in the process.

An Iridologist however, educates the client so they can make informed decisions with their health.  Instead of a diagnosis, Iridology is an energetic assessment to determine the underlying imbalances within the body and what can be done about it.

The nature of health care is changing and many people with chronic, degenerative diseases are taking more responsibility for the course of their recovery program.  There are also many people who know they can have greater health.  They know that there is more to themselves and their life than what they are currently experiencing.

More people are asking greater questions and becoming aware of the genetic, environmental, mental/emotional, and nutritional factors lay the dominant roles in formation of any health concern.  Iridology, then, becomes a powerful way for everyone to connect more deeply within themselves and the innate healing intelligence within the body.

The Iridologist  plays a “coaching” role by educating the client about this healing intelligence, how the body works, how to make healthy food choices, what thoughts/beliefs need to be changed, what high quality nutritional products are needed, and other services that may assist them in their program.

This trend will have a positive impact of the health care system because it will begin to reduce the need for expensive procedures, elevate the baseline health of participating individuals, and introduce the “ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure” truism to the health care field.

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For more insight into how Iridology can make you live a healthier, happier life, Click here to view a video on Iridology by instructor Kianna Smith.

 Who should learn Iridology?
Iridology is a handy tool for massage therapists, physiotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurses, colon hydrotherapists, reflexologist, natural/holistic health practitioners, and energy healers; anyone whose work concerns the health and well-being of others. Iridology allows you to really see which areas in which you need to help your client focus to maintain optimal health. Anyone in the health field would find an Iridology course taught by an IIPA certified instructor a valuable tool for helping others.

It is also recommended for those who are just interested in taking control of their own health!  The Level I and Level II Iridology Course will provide valuable information to those who do not desire to become a Certified Iridologist!

Instructor Testimonials

Georgina is passionate about helping people learn. She is a knowledgeable and personable instructor, and loves teaching students of all ages. She has detailed knowledge and communicates information effectively.” July 24, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Cora Van Wyck
hired Georgina as a Instructor in 2006, and hired Georgina more than once

“Georgina was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I was especially impressed with her diplomacy and patience.”
Dr. Hanif Paroo O.D.
Vancouver B.C. Canada

“Georgina is friendly and warm and delivers this huge amount of information in an organized manner.”
Paula Skalnek
Dominion Herbal College

Vancouver Canada

“Such an illuminating teacher, guide and spirit Ms. Georgina Cyr is! One of the best teachers I have ever come across, a truly empathic and caring human being. This course is spellbinding in its display of information. You’ll never look into someone’s eyes again the same way after this course. The iris is a fascinating world !!!!!!!”
Richmond B.C.

“Georgina was well organized, extremely knowledgeable and caring. Her main concern was that each student understand the information.”
Diane Elms,
Toronto, Canada


Dr. Bernard Jensen introduced Iridology to North America over 50 years ago, and remains one of the pioneers of this movement.  His knowledge came from Europe, where Iridology is extensively integrated and used in the medical system by medical doctors.

Dr. Jensen worked for many years helping people to become healthy and the assisted them with health challenges on his natural health ranch in California.  He wrote many books on natural health and nutrition. His protégé and assistant Dr. Ellen Tart studied with him and became his assistant in performing thousands of iris analysis as well as helping him to write his books.

Dr. Ellen Tart was monumental in bridging the gap with what Dr. Jensen had learned and practiced for 50 years and combining it with the European research and studies.

Dr. Bernard Jensen asked Ellen Tart to carrying on his work combining it with the new studies which she has done and in the process she fell in Love with Dr. Jensen’s son, Art, and they married and so Ellen is now Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen.

How long has Iridology been practiced?
Iridology has been practiced since the 1800’s

Hungarian Dr. Ignatz Von Peczley was the first Iridologist to have made a chart, or “map” of the iris, illustrating how it corresponds to the physical body. Since then, Iridology has been researched, studied and thoroughly documented throughout the European countries and Russia. A majority of Iridology research was performed in Germany, where Iridology is used by physicians as a means of identifying genetic health tendencies and current states of the body systems by examining the nerve reflexes in the iris.

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