The Iridology Certification via Correspondence contains both Levels 1 and 2 in the correspondence  course. Our courses open the door to a rewarding career in the Natural Health field. You will learn an amazing skill that will teach you about body systems and lifestyle changes to help both you and your clients lead healthier, happier lives. Our instructors are certified through the International Iridology Practitioners Association, which means our courses are approved and updated with the latest information in iridology via the annual International Iridology Practitioners Association Iridology Symposiums. Level 1 and Level 2 Correspondence Courses are the Comprehensive Iridology courses required for Iridology Certification via the International Iridology Practitioners Association.

Levels 1 and 2 Iridology Correspondence Courses*

All of our correspondence courses come with full color course books (shipped to you), Iridology Practitioners Chart, over 50 instructional videos, power point presentation and additional support materials relevant to the course will be sent via email, as well as student support emails during the course.

Correspondence courses are a wonderful way to achieve Iridology Certification while working long distance with the instructors and working at your own pace.

There are no time limits on our correspondence courses – you can take as much or as little time as you would like. And when you’re finished, we are here to support you through the testing out and examination process.

Level 1 and Level 2 Correspondence Courses are the Comprehensive Iridology courses required for Iridology Certification via IIPA 

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Levels 1 and 2 Iridology Correspondence Course    $589.00   Paypal to

Iridology for Dogs and Cats Correspondence Courses

In animals, what an iridologist looks for is the shading and any fibers seen, as well as color, as those signs may indicate a current or genetic predisposition of irritation or inflammation in the area. The iridologist would identify the area of the body experiencing pain or inflammation or the potential for it, by using the iridology chart or grid.

Understanding what is showing in your dog, cat, or horse’s eye can help you to avoid health problems before they start, as well as understand how to work effectively with your animals’ health when they do have a health issue.

The structure or design of the iris fibers is a genetic clue as to potential health issues. Although most signs may never become an issue unless something happens via lifestyle or diet, identifying genetic predispositions is of great benefit in breeding animals for a stronger line.

Iridology in itself is not an actual treatment. It is a non-invasive method, often used by homeopaths, naturopaths, holistic veterinarians, and other natural animal health practitioners to determine a required treatment plan. An iris analysis can help to explain what the source or where the original cause of a health problem might be coming from, which can be quite different than the symptoms displayed. It can explain health issues or symptoms which the vet may have difficulty identifying the source of  the problem is or why the animal is doing something.

An iridologist looks for the shading, color, and extra pigments. Pigments can indicate trauma or injury to a part of the body which may explain why the animal may not be displaying symptoms of pain or illness.

Iris analysis can help explain:

  • Intestinal and Digestion problems.
  • Allergies and Skin/Coat conditions.
  • Unusual sudden reactivity of animals to their environment or other animals.

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Emotional Blueprint Iridology Correspondence Course

Emotional Blueprint Iridology helps us to discover the source of our health problems and why health issues repeat themselves.

For instance, a person who has repeated bronchial problems may have an emotional block regarding an event that, at an earlier time in their life, created an emotion that was not released.

The information and chart provided in the course outline the emotional relationships to the body’s organs and the iris’s relationship to the energies in the body, revealing reasons for emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, etc. You can also see past and present emotional disharmony in the body including chakras being out of balance.

For example, a young person experiences the loss of a close family member.  The emotions may become blocked in the cellular memory of the physical body.  As time passes and the emotions are not released, it could create respiratory problems such as bronchitis or even pneumonia which would seem totally unrelated to a prior event.

If there was fear involved, then the person could be also experiencing bladder or kidney issues. Once the root or cause of the problem is discovered and there is a release of the block or emotion, the repeated pattern of respiratory or kidney problems often discontinues.

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IIPA Certification

Certification by International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) identifies one as having attained the highest level of education available in the field and recognizes your skill set at a standardized professional level.

Clients can be assured that an IIPA certified Iridologist has received an excellent education to achieve IIPA’s certification requirements. As well, IIPA Certified Iridology Instructors are required to upgrade their training every two years by attending Instructor meetings and symposiums to learn the latest in Iridology.

Both the Correspondence and Live Iridology Classes consist of both Level 1 and Level 2 Comprehensive Iridology required for Iridology Certification via IIPA.

IIPA Certified Iridology Course Descriptions (as taken from IIPA)

1. Comprehensive Iridology – Level I (includes Iridology Workbook, instructional videos and Certified Iridology Chart). This material covers the history and development of Iridology, discussion of models- European Iridology, American Iridology, Comprehensive Iridology TM, psychological patterns, iris photography, etc.  Includes basic eye anatomy and physiology, topography and mapping of the iris, constitutional types (Lymphatic, Biliary and Hematogenic) and their subtypes (by color), iris structure (by types) and signs, pigmentation, lacunae, pupil tonus, etc.

It would be helpful to have some anatomy and physiology background before taking this course but it is not necessary and is not a prerequisite. 

2. Comprehensive Iridology Class – Level II

This class places emphasis on combinations of signs, structure and pigment details, contraction furrow signs, pupil tonus in detail, Lacuna types, exceptions to rules, specific constitutions and syndromes, basic sclera signs, further psychological pattern information, research issues, analysis and live practice for practicum preparation, etc.

Steps to Becoming an IIPA Certified Iridologist

1) Attend a Level 1 and 2 IIPA Certification Course live or take Georgina’s Course via correspondence.

(All of Our live and correspondence courses consist of both Level 1 and Level II and meet these IIPA requirements).

2) Complete the 3 part IIPA Certification Exam 

  • 10 Iris Evaluations In class, you will learn how to complete an iris evaluation on someone.  Part of the requirement to become a Certified Iridologist is that you complete 10 iris evaluations and give them back to your instructor for review and marking.  These can be completed during the course or you can mail them back to your instructor in a reasonable amount of time (discuss this with your instructor).
  •  Complete the Case Study Analysis

Your Instructor will send you a color picture of a set of eyes and a brief health history of that individual for you to complete a detailed Iridology analysis. Upon completion you will send it back to your instructor for marking.

  • Write the 4 hour Final Proctored Exam

The exam will be mailed from I.I.P.A. to a Proctor (Notary Public, teacher or librarian for example) and you will arrange a time to write the exam based on your schedules. The proctor will mail the exam back to I.I.P.A.  for grading.

IIPA Exam Fee: $175 USD to be paid to IIPA central Office

The Level I and II Iridology courses as well as IIPA’s complete testing procedure can take place before an anatomy and physiology class is completed. A 60 hour anatomy and physiology course is required before receiving IIPA certification.

After you have completed the anatomy and physiology requirement, the certification candidate must submit a transcript of a completed course, before receiving the IIPA Certification Certificate.

The 60 hour course should be designed to provide a deeper understanding of human anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) primarily consisting of how the organs function and to provide an understanding of the body systems.

Option No. 1: students may take this course from a university, community college, acupuncture school, massage school, etc. Minimum requirement is 60 hours of actual study.
Option No. 2: if a local school is not available, we accept Anatomy & Physiology distance learning from several distance schools. If you have any questions about the anatomy and physiology requirement or about courses you are considering, please contact Ean, Kianna, or Georgina to see if your course meets the IIPA requirement.

IIPA approved Anatomy and Physiology Correspondence Courses are listed at the bottom of this page.

***Upon the successful completion of the IIPA certification courses, the 10 iris evaluations, the case study analysis, and the IIPA proctored Exam, and submission of A & P requirement, the student will become certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association (I.I.P.A.) (

Below is a list of IIPA approved A & P courses

Alive Academy of Natural Health –
Alternative Medicine College of Canada –
American College of Healthcare Sciences or Australasian College of Health Sciences –
Anatomy & Physiology Course Including Disease Pathology –
Athabasca College –
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition –
Dominion Herbal College –
Grand Medicine –
International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver, Inc. –
International Institute of Iridology –
Trinity School of Natural Health –
University of Natural Medicine –
Westbrook University –
Windsong School of Healing Ltd –

Iridology Correspondence Course Refund Policy

If for whatever reason you receive the course and wish to return it within 5 days, we offer a refund of $100.00. After 1 month there is no refund.

Live Iridology Course Refund Policy

If you have paid for a Live Iridology Course (Level 1 & 2, Emotional or Comprehensive) and you are unable to attend, if you notify us:

 Within 7 days of Course Start DateWithin 8-30 days of Course Start DateOutside of 30 days of Course Start Date
Level 1 & 2 Courseno refunds can be given within this time$100 refund$200 refund
Emotional Blueprintno refunds can be given within this time$50 refund$100 refund
Comprehensiveno refunds can be given within this time$150 refund$300 refund