Iridology Live Classes

The live in classroom courses are a wonderful way to learn and share Iridology with other students and in an environment that enables students to interact directly with our knowledgeable instructors.

Certification by identifies one as having attained the highest level of education available in the field and recognizes your skill set at a standardized professional level.Clients can be assured that an IIPA certified Iridologist has received an excellent education to achieve IIPA’s certification requirements.As well, IIPA Certified Iridology Instructors are required to upgrade their training every two years by attending Instructor meetings and symposiums to learn the latest in Iridology.

Iridology Live Classes Outline

  • History and development of Iridology

  • Discussion of models – European Iridology, American Iridology

  • Comprehensive Iridology TM

  • Psychological patterns

  • Iris photography

  • Etc.

Includes basic eye anatomy and physiology, topography and mapping of the iris, constitutional types (Lymphatic, Biliary and Hematogenic) and their subtypes (by color), iris structure (by types) and signs, pigmentation, lacunae, pupil tonus, emphasis on combinations of signs, structure and pigment details, contraction furrow signs, pupil tonus in detail, Lacuna types, exceptions to rules, specific constitutions and syndromes, basic sclera signs, further psychological pattern information, research issues, analysis and live practice for practicum preparation, etc.

It would be helpful to have some anatomy and physiology background before taking this course but it is not necessary and is not a prerequisite.


The live class consists of “Comprehensive Iridology”  IIPA Level I and 2 and includes:

  • 3-part Iridology course book

  • Powerpoint presentation

  • Over 70 instructional videos

  • Certified Iridology Chart

  • Email support to help prepare for live practice and exams

About the instructor

Georgina Cyr is a certified Iridology Instructor by the  International Iridology Practitioners Association. She Teaches many courses and classes locally in Port Alberni as well as other locations on Vancouver Island, mainland British Columbia and across Canada.