What is Iridology?

Iridology is the science and practice of eye analysis revealing a person’s relative state of health.  The study of the iris provides information on genetic predispositions, inflammation, toxicity and stresses, providing clues to potential health problems.

Iridology does not identify and diagnose medical diseases, rather it shows the conditions in the body that can or will eventually lead to specific diseases.  In this way, Iridology can be of tremendous benefit in preventing disease before it manifests, utilizing the tools of nutrition and lifestyle to direct the body into a higher state of health.

How Does Iridology Work?

Iridologists examine the iris pattern, or structure as well as specific signs, color, and the overall composition which is a genetic blueprint much like that of a fingerpriint, giving information about the predispositions of one’s health. This allows us to take precautions or make suggestions for possible ways of preventing health issues from manifesting.

How can Iridology Help?

An Iridology assessment is an important first step in your natural health program.  It reveals potential genetic predispositions to weakness in the organs and systems of the body.  It gives new insight as to the stresses, toxicities, and potential imbalances that may have occurred in the past, occur in the present or may potentially occur in the future.

We offer Iridology Services and Iridology Certification Courses by the
International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA)


Iridology Consultations

Consultations include a full iris analysis, along with recommendations and an individualized specialized health program.

How does it work?

Once you have booked a consultation, you will be asked to email two photos of your eyes whereby each eye fills the photo frame and we will perform the analysis and health program via Long Distance.

Georgina Cyr - Iridology Instructor
Georgina Cyr, Certified Iridology Practitioner

Georgina Cyr is certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association. She has taught Iridology Courses for Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and on Vancouver Island at Windsong School of Healing. She has also taught Iridology to Naturopaths for Wellness Centers such as Verita Advanced Wellness Center in Singapore. She continues to teach at various Colleges and Schools. 


"Such an illuminating teacher, guide and spirit Ms. Georgina Cyr is! One of the best teachers I have ever come across, a truly empathic and caring human being. This course is spellbinding in its display of information. You'll never look into someone's eyes again the same way after this course. The iris is a fascinating world !!!!!!!"
Richmond B.C.
“Georgina is passionate about helping people learn. She is a knowledgeable and personable instructor, and loves teaching students of all ages. She has detailed knowledge and communicates information effectively.”
Cora Van Wyck
Langara College Administrator
“Georgina was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I was especially impressed with her diplomacy and patience."
Dr. Hanif Paroo
O.D., Vancouver B.C. Canada
“Georgina was willing to share her knowledge freely, she was open to suggestions and made us feel comfortable in asking questions, knowledgeable in her field.”
 Gudrun Penselin
Wembley, Alberta, Canada
“Georgina is friendly and warm and delivers this huge amount of information in an organized manner.”
Paula Skalnek
Dominion Herbal College, Vancouver Canada
“Georgina was excellent, very clear in explaining. I feel confident with the information. I would recommend Georgina to others confidently."
Anne Barnhill
Birmingham, Alabama
“Georgina is a great teacher and person, organized and patient.” 
Alla Yumshtyk
cnp, B.Sc., RNCP, Thornhill, Ont. Canada
“Georgina is a person with a great gift for teaching.”
Greg Rudy
Pharmacist, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
“I feel Georgina has an amazing talent for teaching, she really enjoys what she is doing.” 
Schalene Warren
Whistler, B.C. Canada
“Georgina was well organized, extremely knowledgeable and caring. Her main concern was that each student understand the information.”
Diane Elms
Toronto, Canada